Wednesday, May 27

weekend piccys

the long weekend began quietly enough, with a little stormie reading (while that dog stressed. yes, that's his stress face)

and quality time with the kitten.

by monday, it was park weather again.

that dog in his natural habitat...

...and me in mine.
snowbeach makes the most fantastic snowcones ever. the tiniest of snow crystals combine with one or two of a zillion homemade flavors to form a velvety texture. the best-spent $2 in town.

tried almost every flavor at least once. except tiger's blood. and the sugar free. can't be too careful about these things.

the cantaloupe/watermelon was like summer in a styrofoam cup.

last remnants of spring wildflowers: the mexican hat flower.

if this looks at all familiar, you probably grow tomatoes. it seems somehow appropriate that spring's last gasp is heralded by the nightshade. happy memorial day!

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