Tuesday, June 16

copper river salmon with fresh dill

we are extremely lucky to have an extraordinary grocery store in the area. it's the kind of space grocers fly in for touring before building new facilities in their hometowns. seriously. it's that good (there's a story about the ongoing competition between this local grocer and whole foods, headquartered in town, but who wants to be bored with the details). it's no trader joe's, but we get by. it has created in me the vice of protein impulse buying. most of the small amount of meat we eat comes from the local farmer's market, but sometimes the central market deals are just too tempting. this week it was sustainably fished copper river salmon at $15/lb: impossible to resist, despite the bad carbon karma.

then, you know—since it's past the century mark—just a little dill (sans caterpillars) and garlic, s&p, a teeny drizzle of agave nectar, and 10-15 minutes in the 400° f toaster oven (used mainly during summer months).

a recent discovery for stir-fried veggies: almond oil. it allows the pan to get really hot without smoking, and veggies like snow peas are caramelized and done in under 2 minutes. perfect in the heat, since the only alternative involving less cooking is ordering in.

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double tonic said...

i love CM but don't forget Wheatsville. You guys are even closer to Wheatsville!

/buying almond oil asap.