Sunday, June 14

homeward bound

{headed into rice country}

{scout: "you gonna' eat that?"}

{my bro's little monkeys undeterred by improper clothing/footwear}

{very monkey-like, yes?
clung to my and b's necks through the entire weekend

{park time with the neph}

{the train museum mail-sorting car: I heart organizational tools}

{and sexist period signage}

{I hate them just a little bit for the ease of cali rose growing}

{the prom queen goes prime time}

we enjoyed fantastical weather: seriously. ever seen a rainbow during a sunset...during a major coming-of-age moment? it was truly magical and quite auspicious.
...unless that was something in the cupcakes...

{lunch with my cousin & fiance before they headed home. can't wait for october!}

{time with cousins, nieces and nephew was so precious:
nail polish drying before more piggyback rides

I wonder how it was possible to miss getting a single pic of beloved aunt lynn. wish we could have stayed longer. especially after that 90 degree plane ride returned us to 100 degree weather we'd yet to experience this summer. let the barton springing begin!

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