Wednesday, June 3

my number

...yeah, those bastards at anthropologie have got it. and
far too much of my cash.

their latest catalog arrived yesterday, and once the cognitive dissonance wore off, I didn't actually hate the clothes...umm...the ones visible despite the "lifestyle" marketing photos highlighting signs, posters and hipsters. credit where it's due: a nice balance of one non-ironic south austin beard to two ironic hipster mustaches.

that is not counting the bands they featured, which combined with continental-club-as-home-goods venue to create some ambivalence toward the whole issue. I dunno. (really? only six blocks in the whole city are worth your time???) I hope the musicians got paid, at least. and not in merch. I guess our little town is just. that. cool.

the last
few photos, in a much beloved location, were slightly jarring but made me happy. as much as I try to hate the man, they've got me pegged.

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natalie said...

Hmmm... I had no idea they had descended upon our fair city for this! They are sneaky. So sneaky.