Thursday, June 18


last night was movie night at alex's hydepark-chic house: he and the sin fairy hosted dinner and backyard nxnw viewing. I love me some tanorexic cary grant! even on a school night. tsf and alex were quite the adorable hosts, and friends erin and reuben so fun: a perfect balance of art/science/niceness (the icecreamcone cupcakes didn't hurt opinions much). can't wait to check out alex and reuben's t-shirts at storyville.

{ginger rogers would approve}

we were also introduced to alex's specialty, a beverage that he may or may not have totally pulled out of his arse, but was delicious nonetheless...the ginger rogers? gin, ginger ale and fresh mint. it got major (ginger)snaps from all (ugh. sorry. I even hate myself for that one). my contribution to the evening was peach and fig white sangria, of which there are no pics. ah well.

{hippie-friendly fare}

{erin and waylon}

{erin's treats}


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