Friday, June 19

parade raining

juneteenth anywhere in the southern united states: it's a party. rightly so. and our town is one that appreciates a good party. it's one of the most lovable parts of austin culture—always something to do/see/attend, from charity walks/runs to art festivals, modest, respectable music events to superginormous music events...quiet marches and protests all the way to flat out spectacle. our town government, however, is not always appreciative of the fallout associated with these events. at least not to those who live downtown. yes, it's a choice willingly made, living so near the hoopla. but seriously, wtf! the city of austin effectively barricaded us into our neighborhood this morning, with zero traffic direction from the officers seated in their vehicles. the officer who watched our 8 minute attempt to get through a congested intersection just shrugged when I made plaintive eye-contact. really? really. thanks, dude. the regular 5 minute commute required 30 minutes

if I could add any one item to the city's agenda—with all the current emphasis on "urban density" initiatives—it would be enabling folks stranded downtown some sort of strategy during almost-weekly-festival/race season...which lasts as long as the austin summer. only 9 months, or so.

in attempt to prevent the sin fairy from getting caught in the chaos, an informative text was sent--from a stoplight, of course--thus the shameful abbreviated textspeak.

me - "if u r going 2 write @ cafe 2day--avoid mlk [boulevard, near her fav cafes]. juneteenth clusterfuck"
tsf - "?"
before I could reach another stoplight and text a reply, she called, wondering of the connection between juneteenth and *milk*!
tsf - "I thought I might order a mocha, but it's okay if I should get something else today."
mmm...and this is why we shouldn't stoop to textspeak. ever.

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