Wednesday, June 3

slippin away

treating regular posting as a sort of challenge, weeks like this one are tough. so I'll have to be satisfied with posting a pic of my lunch: likely the only thing resembling cooking for the week.
avocado smooshed with lemon, s&p and chili flakes
homemade pesto and grape tomatoes on seeduction bread


double tonic said...

that looks uh-mazing. (do you freeze your bread, or just use it quickly, or throw away half-loaves like i do? i have literally stopped buying bread because it kills me to throw away moldy half-loaves.)

zenshine said...

thanks for the suggestion!

seeduction from the whole paycheck is the only bread we ever manage to finish before it's bird food. ...the pigeons now watch for b, peering into the bathroom window from the roofline.