Tuesday, June 2

terrariums are this year's coral

which makes me quite happy. that is until I realize that this means they too will soon be passé. *sigh* tiny microcosms have always been a fascinating, fast-track back to dollhouse-and-tea-party age. it's a secret garden thing. the advent of steampunk makes me wonder, though, whether our era shares something with the victorians?

from thriftcandy

besides that, they're supposedly balm to an indoor black thumb, needing water only every few weeks. somehow every plant that darkens my doorway ends up dead. sitting them outside on the porch seems fine, but as soon as they're brought inside: brown and crispy.

i even kind of love illustrations of terrariums.
(...see, their plants are outside too!)

bell jar by a print a day

and one that makes me happy for the coming humid summer nights

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