Monday, June 1

weekend piccys

if the mark of being a grown-up is, disregarding all age appropriate milestones, seeing the days pass before your eyes, then I'm rapidly approaching middle age. may disappeared before I noticed it was here at all. hoping june will be quieter, but not likely...and I couldn't pass on the fun if I wanted to. which I don't.

white wine weather when bella comes calling. if mimi is the sin fairy, then bella is our sinnie godmother, bestowing bellini blessings on all. I only regret her stay was so short.

under the giant oak

may is spelled with an "r," yes?

another bottle please

happiest of evenings with bella and sirena, though mimita's spot sat empty. in classic sassy fashion, we did actually pour one out for our missing homie. though perhaps not intentionally at the time. happy birthday bella—thanks for bringing the party to austin!

watermelon juice with crushed ice

magnolia blossoms

a little putt-putting with laynie's fun fam.

testing out the settings laynie's papa customized on my camera. he's so great.


Beth said...

I will happily take the title of sinnie godmother, as long as it includes magic powers. None of which, needless to say, involve glass slippers.

The evening was truly magical, ladies. I am sure the fly was happy to sacrifice himself to acknowledge Mimi's presence. Would that we all could lead such meaningful lives!

But... no mention of Lurch?

Love the blog!

Leah said...

Great pix!

huebscher said...

ohyeah, lurch!! the singer he sounded like:
american dream and universal are the best examples.

I suppose the saturdaynight guy could be the very same person in hat and groucho disguise, eh? missing you bunches, lady!

double tonic said...

you know a picture is well taken when you want to be IN it. when you literally want to be in that moment - drinking a watermelon drink, looking at that magnolia ....

you're very talented, mi amiga.