Friday, July 31

jiggity jog

there is never enough time. what begins with the best intentions sometimes must be reconsidered based on surrounding expectations and the limitations of human frailty. I headed home wednesday morning with a heavy heart, over all that was left undone, all that had to be abandoned. it would be nice to wallow a little in the disappointment of a trip gone askew, but the simple truth is where there's not time for finishing, there's surely not time for regret. at least not when it can be said that love was given with no strings, and the limitations were not my own to control.

time spent with littlest sis was really wonderful, and there will be more photos and recipes to post, that didn't make it up during the trip. there's just never enough time. least I got some quality time in with my secret boyfriend. I would totally leave b for tj. it's ok though. he'd probably leave me for tj, too.

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