Friday, July 17

the lakehouse

I am a terrible friend who should never be given gift certificates. ever. a year ago—almost to the day—I enjoyed a luxurious half-day at the lake austin spa c/o the wonderful b. it was phenomenal. but it had been given for birthday #29, and hadn't been redeemed in any kind of reasonable time frame. it was on the verge of expiring. the spa was phenomenal...did I mention that? so for year #30, 7 very generous friends chipped in on a repeat, saying it should be enjoyed much sooner rather than later. mmm hmm. fast forward to now. the day before its expiration date.

that spa is still phenomenal.

thanks for a most wonderful day, mojo, megan, elise, emily, sj, doubletonic & dmw/p! you're a pretty terrific bunch of gal pals and I'm honored and blessed to be among the pink mafia.

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double tonic said...

yippee! i'm so glad you made it.