Tuesday, July 14

le jour de gloire est arrivée

what a relief to be able to say, once again, that I don't hate france, the french, or any particular part of their culture (least of all their pastries). remember the days of buying wine and pouring it down the sewers? remember freedom fries? perhaps it makes me an au-lait-sipping elitist liberal, but it's just one reason to be glad in the change in political administrations. that said, it was disappointing missing out on the annual french legation festivities, but realistically, it was just too damn hot. that, and a weekend of absolute sloth was non-negotiable.
...how to say "party pooper" en français?

to compensate, I've been lost in these unbelievable 360° parisian vignettes (they're straight genius, non?). enough so, that I don't actually hate deb and eric for experiencing it first hand today! ::le sigh:: I do hope deb makes time to visit merci, the new concept shop that's all over the blogosphere. [update—deb & eric did not make it to merci, but they did come home *engaged*! hoorah!]

ah well, off I go to find my beret and liberate a gnome or two. happy quatorze juillet!

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