Saturday, July 25

lemon pepper pappardelle with fagioli & greens

I do so love traderj's. although the native soil yields without invitation, the household refrigerator was less generous. opening the crisper sadly revealed a few heads of celery and some defeated salad mixes. not likely to provide much in the way of whole-food sourced vitamins. yesterday was the first opportunity for a veggie scouting expedition, and we returned with loads of brightly colored goodies...candy-colored peppers, dark berries, and glossy greens.

tj's also provided some tempting lemon scented pappardelle, which was the base for last night's dinner. the fiber-filled greens and beans meant a very filling, healthy, near-vegetarian meal.

lemon pepper pappardelle with fagioli & greens
serves 4-6 (?)

1 splash olive oil
4 oz pancetta, cubed
1 onion, chopped
2-3 cloves garlic, smashed
1 large bag of chopped greens, or 1-2 bunches kale/chard/savoy/whatever
28 oz can chopped tomatoes (that one brand of organic roasted tomatoes are pretty awesome, second only to home-canned) or 6-8 med fresh romas
1 can white beans, drained
salt & pepper and pinch of red pepper flakes
8-12 oz dry pasta (gemelli/pappardelle/whatever)
fresh basil or parsley, if you've got it
and a few ladles-full, starchy pasta water

in a large skillet, brown pancetta in olive oil over med-low, to render fat. drain all but 1 tbsp if that sort of thing is a worry. add garlic, pepper flakes and onion, stirring until golden and fragrant. add washed, chopped greens, tossing to coat in oil. ohyeah...very hearty greens like collards (one cookbook calls them "assertive greens") may need a little parboiling in salted water first. more tender greens or younger chard may be added directly with no extra prep. add tomatoes and continue folding greens into liquid, adding a ladle or two of pasta water if more moisture is required. cover and simmer until greens are near done (colorful and al dente, but not excessively chewy). add drained beans and fold into sauce, again adding more liquid if necessary, to thicken sauce. taste and adjust seasoning. pasta should cook to not-quite-al-dente and finish cooking the last minute or so in sauce. dust with parmesan once plated.

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ashley morgan said...

This looks and sounds amazing! I'm going to try this.