Friday, July 31

pay it forward

after a turbulent journey and a turbulent flight, it was a happy surprise discovering this adorable gift on the foyer table, awaiting my return. it's oh so cute, and perfectly sized for holding voter registration cards (primaries are just around the corner), and for doodling in staff meetings (some of my fav u.s. presidents were meeting doodlers).

thanks to gingerale, who selected me to continue the pay it forward fun, all the wonderful craft projects I've intended to attempt are tumbling around in my head. giving fun handmade gifts is always more fun than receiving, no? the idea behind the movement is — you know, like in the kevin spacey movie — for someone receiving a gift, rather than paying back the giver, to select 5 new people to whom handmade gifts will be sent. those folks, then, are to select 5 more people for the pass-it-on festivities. it's the kevin bacon game in reverse, where everyone is connected by the end. or a chain letter, but better.

so here's your chance: leave a comment and (whether you blog or not), if I can come up with 5 people, they'll receive a handmade something in the mail. in the meantime, I'll be here doodling ideas for gifties!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I feel kinda lame being the only one commenting, but I very much enjoyed being referred to by my new nickname :). I'm very excited to wow my roomates with the enchilada recipe! Even if I don't get the apartment, I'll figure out how to make it in the microwave.
- lil' sis

huebscher said...

not lame at'll get *five* prezzies, perhaps!

the sin fairy said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this until now! What a terrific idea; I support you!!!

Sinnie Godmother said...

Hello there! I would LURVE anything made by your cute little mitts-- you're devilish crafty, you.

My only challenge will be coming up with five crafts of my own to send out. Hope everybody likes bookmarks...

Love you, Dulci!