Friday, July 24


{neglected lemons}

home in california for a week, my focus has been shifted to what others eat. my purpose here is to assist in my dad's recovery from major surgery, and to help my littlest sis develop some eating strategies for boarding school this year (she's also recently had oral surgery, so healthy is presently secondary to squashy). without scientific training (though there's definitely research out there), it just seems logical that what we eat can either aid in the body's recovery or hinder it. meals at dad's hospital were almost inedible (clearly not the low-sodium diet), when delivery was managed at all. gourmet delicacies are available in the bleachers at a giants ballgame, but hospitals still serve gruel? ouch.

{as gardening was last on dad's mind this year, these are born of seeds from last-year's tomatoes, happily growing wild}

it won't be at all painful working in a wonderfully appointed kitchen. neither will our happy placement in america's produce aisle be too uncomfortable. upon my arrival yesterday, instant dinner inspiration was provided by a quick trip into the garden, where a half-dozen tomatoes dropped into my hands, an enormous lemon fell at my feet, and a few small zucchini were easily pulled. it seems there's something in the eucalyptus scented air here. atomized miracle gro, perhaps??? don't scoff — it could be part of some mysterious government plot! heh...j/k. I'm not a conspiracy nut or anything. it's just that everything is so unbelievably fertile, it can't be real. "ornamental" citrus plantings are laden with fruit year-round, the excess littering the ground thoughtlessly. sidewalks are stained with oil from olives, falling unnoticed by town residents. trees leftover from this area's orchard heyday give mountains of plums or apricots with little to no effort by their current stewards. my grammie's yard, two miles up the road, hosts a tribe of skunks who nightly gorge themselves on the avocados she cannot keep up with. milk and honey, people; that's what this place is. and omg, having a trader joe's a half-mile away will be pretty darned terrific, too.

{rogue tomatoes, two beds over from their brethren, germinated in the gravel walkway where lemon-buddhahand hybrid freakfruits fall}

anywho...moving on. if fresh, gorgeous foods are the key to health, dad will be up again in no time.

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