Friday, July 10

thrift thursday

ok, so this is technically a friday, but's been a busy summer.

in a recent conversation with lee g, she stated that I've "always been [her] bohemian child." while some might use the phrase as a polite euphemism (one roommate in particular described me as "eclectic"—where "eccentric" was probably intended), lee's intentions were (probably) pure and nonjudgmental...and pretty accurate. it caused me to reflect on some of the items that surround me.

I do try to buy local and hand-made where possible. spending more than $50 on a dress induces enough anxiety to require going home and "sleeping on" the decision. all of my furniture has come through well-loved hand-me-down channels or craigslist. ditto on "art"— my favorite piece was discovered abandoned in the garage behind my old duplex. receiving a mail parcel from g-ma is one of the most delightful experiences imaginable, as it almost always includes a pair of shoes from her fabulous, now vintage collection. and probably the best bohemian illustration: though most of our horrified accompanying crowd wore 20 lb beaded gowns, my senior prom dress was a (slightly ironic) vintage turquoise and gold organza number from thrift junction. this year, my sister's seriously gorgeous indian-inspired, beaded silver dress came from nordstrom, carrying a label (discovered when the dry cleaner requested they come retrieve the party-worn dress) stating "do not wash. do not dry clean." ...'s disposable???

perhaps I've always simply had difficulty reconciling our disposable culture.

...especially when this is what's found at the neighborhood goodwill:

{cotton wrap shirt and nwt silk camisole $4.99/$2.99}

{silk strapless blouse ~ $3.99}

{silk skirt ~ $6.99}


the sin fairy said...

Take me with you next time!!!! I am doing nothing more important than thrift shopping with my favorite "bohemian."

kale for sale said...

I think thrifty Thursdays could catch on ! Great finds.