Tuesday, July 7

too darn hot

{solar oven from windandsolarnow}

I'd like to sup with my baby tonight but it's too darn hot. when we first moved in to the east-side abode, there were some problems with the a/c, and once or twice the george forman grill came out on the porch with us. deb's parents, in tucson, have a dedicated cooking porch, which holds all their crockpot-type appliances. the strategy has become a serious consideration. now I'm not talking about crazy dutch oven cooking or anything, but this heat is getting out of hand. seriously. after mowing the lawn at 8 pm we had leftover cookiecake and sweet, sweet riesling for dinner.

...any other brilliant ideas???

{granny miller's solution}

{the morning after: bloodsugar ground zero}

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