Monday, July 20

weekend piccys ~ b-day edition

thirty plus one. who knew the plus-one could make all the difference? I didn't expect it to, but this year seems more grown-up somehow. thirty — all about kitsch — was celebrated with stealthily spiked iced tea and green jell-o at the local luby's, and donn's depot, where we were the youngest folks in the boxcar by several decades. this year I was thrilled to just chill out, enjoy an exquisite dinner, and spend a little time with friends. it also could be a very different work-life and the prospect of heading home to assist in a parent's recuperation. in the face of so much change, thirty-plus-one just feels like a bigger deal.

{the weekend began a little early, with a half-day at the spa}

{then the farmer's market, which has shifted its hours earlier to beat the sun. not sure what came in these sacks, but I contemplated making off with them for an up-cycling project}

{that dog loves the farmer's market and all the generous petting}

{contemplating birthday breakfastchocolate, but deciding instead on a grown-up scone}

{the park ~ not a fan of poison ivy, nor its attempts at reproduction...but this is pretty, no?}

{more chocolate: this time I succumbed to the allure of rose-cardamom loveliness}

{perusing a gift from b near two b-day gifts to myself, from elena's shop ~the aptly named happiness}

{and yes, even more chocolate}

{gorgeous roses from the sin fairy}

{and an apron so adorable I may not be able to risk marring it with jam spots}

{my two b-day wishes this year: a shower or two and a surgical success, back home ~ this seemed promising}

last night I received this birthday miracle from b's madre, so hopes are high for the other, bigger wish:

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Anonymous said...

What a weekend that was. Roses in food, why don't we have more of it?