Monday, July 6

weekend piccys

{farmer's market fun ~ too hot to stay for the watermelon-spitting contest}

{better to get to the cool of the park}

{easing this omnivore's dilemma ~ there's a new olive farm in the area, with 5-year-old spanish trees}

{souvenir from a friend's recent trip home to japan ~ infinity edamame}

{you know, for stressed-out professionals! ~ is this what I look like?}

{urm...yes, that *is* a baby in the recycling bin...but it was clean, and he thought it was wickedfun}

{I heart public art ~ the walk to brunch with e-who? and co.}

{this one is my absolute favorite in town ~ toothbrush behind a grate ~ no idea what it means or why it's survived a decade}

{sunday family napping}

1 comment:

double tonic said...

this particular weekend batch makes me happy. i love b-man and kitten taking a nap, and i think our recycling bins (i have the same one!) make great child carriers.