Wednesday, July 15

weekend piccys

the weekend was spent in blissful sloth. not many photos, as there was that little accomplished. really. cooking, laundry, reading and napping. and that's it.

{at double-tonic's bloke's nomad b-day ~ photo courtesy dt}

{mystery central texas landscaping bush}

{the kitten honing his hunting skillz}

{self-propagating sunflowers in the yard}


Diana said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog and congratulations on winning the Pay It Forward giveaway! Will you send your mailing address to me at I'll get your gift out as soon as I can!

double tonic said...

the kitten honing his hunting skillz is the BOMB. i'm just glad curiosity didn't kill the kitten. those look like some tough birdz, i mean there's like a whole GANG of 'em.