Thursday, August 13

let's get some shoes

headed to nyc in a few weeks, for 6 days of city walking, and I still remember the cramps and blisters of nyc vacay '08. the shoes I packed last year, though cute and perfectly comfortable for day-to-day wear, were frankly the wrong equipment for touring. it was so unpleasant I found myself constantly (unsuccessfully) scanning shop windows for a better option. much of the trip was spent looking for seated respite in the quiet of small upper-east side museums, for adjusting band-aids and resting my barking dogs. It was a wonderful, adventurous, delightful trip, don't get me wrong, but the lesson was surely learned.

the dilemma: finding shoes that don't kill my aesthetic...or my budget. it's becoming a real challenge. those sensible shoes are so often ...well...sensible looking.

How 'bout these?

maybe these?

...what about these?
{cole haan ~ boooring?}

or these?

baaah! it may soon devolve to this:


the sin fairy said...

I vote for the campers, but don't forget the old military trick of putting anti-perspirant on your feet to avoid blisters!

huebscher said...

tried the deoderant last year, and sadly...totally unsuccessful. but only because the whole shoe situation was a debacle, nothing could really help.

double tonic said...

i love the cole haan's! may have to get some myself.

fyi, i've got plantar something-or-other ... my flat flips have done me in ... and i need sensible/affordable shoes. i love your pics and will keep hunting for my own. i'll letcha know if i see anything.

i hear borns are great, and the earth and chaco brands are, too ... but they're soooo fugly.