Friday, August 14

lomo love

this morning, on the way to work, I stopped off at precision camera for some (yes, work related) prints. my order was misplaced, and while the staffers searched, this fantastic plastic wonder caught my eye. except it was purple. ::covet:: my college photo-j prof shot some inspiring work on a holga, back in the day, and I've never forgotten those photos. at 40 bucks it's a reasonably priced toy, but it's the medium format film that's the kicker at $6/roll. plus developing.

...and I'm really *really* trying to be good, saving cash for new york.
but come on! ...holga and nyc just go together:

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double tonic said...

my two cents, from another budget-conscious friend who has more debt than she can justify so my two cents must be taken with grain upon grain of salt: get the Holga for your trip. get two rolls of film. wait for future paycheck to pay for development.