Monday, September 28

hippie propaganda

by godfrey! are you watching ken burns' breathtaking new documentary series on the national parks? really. I know this time last week I asked you to watch dancing with the stars for tom delay...but you can keep the text messages rolling without actually tuning in. burns spent six years making this documentary. catch glee later; it will be on hulu. and you don't reeaally want to watch cougartown anyway, doooo youuuu????

tonight's episode covered the period including john muir's travails, t. roosevelt's travels (with jovial quotes contributed —hilariously imho— by clay jenkinson), and the designation of yosemite as national park (as well as the sad loss of hetch hetchy) made me more than a little bit homesick. damn you, ken burns! and your amazing cinematography!

it's a good thing we aren't watching it in high def, or I'd be packing b & that dog up for a road trip headed straight for muir woods.

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Anonymous said...

I'm watching it. His cinematography is making me cry. Just beautiful. Ten years in the making, and worth every second.

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