Wednesday, September 9


we're back, and the trip was wonderful! new york enjoyed the prettiest weather I've ever seen up there, and it was one of the longest clear periods of their now departed summer. it was glorious. and while I wasn't at all prepared for the trip to end (that wasn't me shedding a tear on the e train back to jfk), I am very happy to be home. that dog greeted us at the door with all of his babies, then retired back to his lair, occasionally checking on us throughout the evening and grinning at the discovery and the butt-scratch. the kitten also seemed happy to see us (in his fashion), taking turns grooming each of us two, and that dog, too. it might take a day or two to get photos up, but perhaps I'll work on them over lunch...if my inbox doesn't crush me entering the doorway.

speaking of homecoming surprises, this is what we returned home to -- not our home, but the leaning neighbor. I suppose the "demolition or relocation of historic property" permit was approved:

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