Thursday, September 10

thrift thursday - travel edition

has it been said lately how terrific that b is? not only was he the source of the best vintage jewelry shop ever (nyc trip '08: he didn't blink when my regret over passing on the ring in the window required a second trip up to the shop), but he patiently found a corner to tweet from while I foraged in pippin, three thrift shops and a sample sale! pippin quietly sits, tucked just west of fish's eddy and abc home, among a treasure trove of little thrift shops. steve and rachel cooper live near the vermont-massachusetts border, scouring area estate sales for the costume and fine jewelry items featured in their shops (their vintage home finds are housed in the blacksmith shop next door). the resulting, eclectic inventory ranges from tie tacks and cuff-links, to drawers-full of baubles, unique hats, bags and very nice estate pieces, all with stories. last year I discovered a darling german lucite cameo from the 20's ($22) and a midcentury pearl cocktail ring ($12).

this year's pippin trophies:

{on the off chance of getting swine flu, all sniffling will be directed into a sweet little hankie ~ $5/per}

{if the front side of this piece hadn't hooked me...}

{the back certainly would have ~ $8}

more to come.

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Echrai said...

I love it! It's been so long since I saw those kind of hankies. Do you think they're coming back?