Friday, September 11

weekend piccys - new york edition

in dire need of a break, last week we fled to new york, on what may become an annual tradition — for at least as many years as the first-week-of-september tickets are dirt cheap. jet blue offers a direct flight now, too, making the flight portion really pleasant. even flying through jfk (where sprawling on the floor, awaiting a delayed flight is not uncommon) was a lovely experience, hanging out in the new terminal. hooray for jetblue and their free drinks and snacks and in-flight direct tv!!! tv may be the modern opiate to the masses, but "sedation" via top chef marathon is great on a 4.5 hour flight.

this year we stayed in tribeca (very cute and neighborhood-ie), in a terrific euro-style boutique hotel, a stone's throw from the bouley block. if public transportation is the plan, the convenience of staying downtown — where most subway lines converge — can't be overly stressed. it's quiet at night, too.

the agenda: food. extravagant food at that. a show (our town, done simply and stunningly). a museum or two (that j.p. had a fascinating collecting compulsion. no photos allowed, sadly, but many images of their collections are online in high res). some wandering. and only doing exactly what we want to to; nothing more or less. success on all counts, imo.

it seemed gauche (heh. I know. what's stopped me before?) dragging out the ginormo-camera during our more exquisite dining experiences. b may post to his blog, shots and video taken from the iphone, which was somehow sleeker and less intrusive. when he does, I'll follow with links...particularly the video of the jean georges marshmallow distribution system (hint: by the contraption wheeled around, we thought we might be due for an after-dinner ether).

so let's start at the very beginning: a very good place to start.

{ice crystals obscure the scenery}

{bouley breakfast in duane park}

{we had to stop by, even though the evening was quieting down and the pain au chocolate long since sold out}

{not many other tourists in town}

{beginnings of fall in the city}

{shack shack picnic in the park, following the natural history museum}

{lots of walking prior to this ~ and rowdy, shouting childrens. the quiet was lovely}

{at no. 28 for a pie, where random old guy carrying a single empty drawer returned several times, hitting on the waitress repeatedly}

{the watchful eyes of our pie maker...}

{...and the tower above}

{no. 28 was immediately followed by a slice around the corner at joe's, to which we returned multiple times. that b, he means business}

{an expert pours at flatiron lounge...hope he received commission from muji, across the street, where I did a little tipsy spending after}

{daisies planted between the highline tracks}

{cereal-milk soft-serve: malty genius}

{the view down from tudor city ~ reminiscent of this}

{the view up from tudor city}

{at the spotted pig}

{west village}

{last day of summer at washington square park}

the line for the downtown shake shack: it's a shorter wait taking the a/c line to 81st and eating there.

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