Monday, September 28

weekend piccys

{a little more rainfall}

{new fall fruits up for grabs ~ open call for persimmon recipes}

{summer produce on a slow decline}

{fall counterpart to spring redbud ~ on the isle}

{more proof to the neglected drawer-baby theorem?}

{mexican olive ~still need to smuggle a cutting to mom}

{covert ops ~ the pick-up}

{the set-up}

{the trap is sprung ~ a veryverysneaky visit home for the doc}

{up late with some terrific company}

{and a check-up...}

{...and fall wardrobe update}

1 comment:

the sin fairy said...

haha, so cute! I love it. Also, why do I always catch myself reading your blog at lunchtime? I look at your amazing meals while i stare down a potato with a little cheese on it. so sad.