Friday, October 23

burying the lead's friday again? how did that happen???

ohyeah, between travel, swan-diving back into the deluge of work (shooting an event, plus organizing two program events for next week), rehearsal schedule (with necessary extra rehearsals worked in), social life (a lovely, unexpected friend dropped in from p-ville wednesday night), and coming down with another headcold (that's 2 in three weeks), there's been absolutely no time for reflection, much less writing or cooking. b's eaten sandwiches or pizza for just about every meal this week. I had a balancebar for dinner tuesday, on the 15 minute drive to rehearsal. yeah, it's been one of those weeks.

but here are a few high points:

a little bonus-time avec mom, before heading back to texas. mostly spent erranding, but even a trip to target is kind of awesome when our usual conversing is done via cell-phone, with at&t dropping the call every 3.5 minutes. we found a neat little restaurant on sacramento's v street, called june's cafe. if you're ever nearby, join the regulars there. but not on furlough fridays -- california's jacked-up economy affects everyone therein -- they're closed the first three fridays of the month. it's an odd little spot where the regulars sit with a copy of the sacbee at the bar, and order authentic midcentury-japanese-american specialties like weenie royale with sides of miso soup and macaroni salad. it may sound really strange, but this place was a gem. as were june and her husband, who casually ribbed us like family ("no, no sukiyaki on mondays...recommendations? the sukiyaki is good!"). photos to be posted soon (transl. I left that memory card at work).

terry gross sat down with tracy (it's so hard keeping his and the character's names straight) and she was blown away. I was too -- holy crap. but almost more surprising than morgan's teary, cathartic discussion of his childhood, was the sound of ever-poised terry gross rendered speechless. even if you don't have time to listen to the interview in its entirety, take it to about 13 minutes in (the fifteen minute mark is awkward, pathos gold), and let it roll a while.
mr. morgan: well, you're the first person ever interviewed me in retrospect.
gross: is that true?
mr. morgan: now you see the other side.
gross: oh, okay.
mr. morgan: now you're seeing the other side because you was interested.
gross: it just, like, completely - it's, like, 180 degrees from the over-the-top comic side. It's like whoa. ha ha. it's like…
mr. morgan: I love you for that, terry. I love you for that, just caring, just being interested. I love you just for that.
gross: (hesitant) ...aaalright.
mr. morgan: you know? and I feel good. I feel good.
gross: being that emotional.
mr. morgan: it's emotional. it's emotional for me. it is, and I've got to be honest with thyself. I'm funny. I still turn the funny on. the funnybuster's still sitting downstairs. yeah, the funnybuster - I've got a whole truckload of funny downstairs.
gross: okay. (nervous laughter) (pause) I just think people are going to be kind of stunned, like whoa, this is, like, not what I was expecting. it's like he's got a tissue and…
mr. morgan: well, you think they're going to say I had a meltdown on the air…
gross: no, no, but I…
mr. morgan: people cry. people have emotion.
gross: no no no, I know. I know. I know...
mr. morgan: I feel. yeah, I feel...
tracy morgan is a nut fo sho, certainly hilarious, but I have a sincere respect for him, knowing a little more about his past. wow.

this local blog rocks, and I'm not sure how it was under my radar until now.
photo: austin eavesdropper

and finally...I met dan rather!

{with wife, jean ~ aren't they sweet?}

{dumbly taking pics of him with other people ~ didn't even occur to me to step into the viewfinder, myself}

eep! may I please say that again? I met dan rather!! and he was so unimposing and kind! it shouldn't be that major; he keeps an apartment downtown — but he keeps a very low profile. he wears hats and keeps his head down. mr. rather spoke at an event last night, then attended an award dinner I shot for work. topic: the crisis of corporate-owned journalism reflecting on the state of democracy as a whole. it's not a new theme (molly ivins had choice words to contribute a few years ago, for the very same lecture series), but it's just so damned important. as long as journalists must play by big-business rules, increasing profits quarterly and cutting staff and resources accordingly, democracy is pretty well (excuse me) fucked. that may seem apocalyptic, but it was not for nothing the founding fathers saw freedom of the press right up there with the freedoms of speech and religion. the system is busted, and most don't miss it as long as there's something juicy on the tmz or a kid (incidentally — not) in a balloon. rather implored the audience to make their opinions heard by mainstream media, and to focus attention (and financial support) on outlets still nurturing real capital-j journalism. anyhoo, he was a politically- charged speaker (police escort provided), at a pretty liberal school, and he was clearly (at least in my case) preaching to the choir, but I loved him for calling the press “the red beating heart of freedom and democracy.” my own heart broke a little when he choked up during the response to a student q on "making it" in journalism. the answer: talent and luck can only get so far. persevere and success will be yours.

another question, from a funny lady with a quirky voice (likely suspect: mary gordon spence — since it's near time for her semi-annual npr pledge-week eklectikos appearance — see approximation of her vocal timbre here, in iris dement) commented on the recent flood of deaths covered by the media, adding that she is "just tired of people dying."
rather asks, "um, is there a question there?"
question: "what do you think about the coverage, or over-coverage of death in the media lately...I'm becoming cynical."
rather: "don't become jaded; it's against the historical character of america. optimism is part of our spirit. don't lose that."

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