Thursday, October 29

gordoughs donut birthday

yesterday, for deb's birthday, we orchestrated a surprise. of course it helped that her running group had not been up lamar very recently, and that our destination was a very new addition to the "culinary" scene. among deb's favorite things in the world are donuts and ... well, donuts (though she won't hear me on donut cakes being perfectly appropriate at fun, hip weddings the blogosphere over). the valuable tip came from savvy austin eavesdropper, who posted the gordoughs menu and a few pics. so off we went, our crew packed into multiple vehicles (deb driving her own, following blindly as I turned into the wrong lot: it's the old location of holland photo, btw). since few reviews exist at the moment, we were unsure of the seating arrangements/ground-cover situation. fearing a snobeach cop-a-squat-type deal, we packed picnic blankets. on a wednesday, for lunch, they were completely unnecessary. the lot is shared with perfect partner, brevita coffee, and between the two there are eight or nine tables and plenty of chairs. weekend mid-mornings (they've added three hours to the morning side of their listed hours) may be a different situation, but our blankets were superfluous.

so firstly, go there. purely because the folks we met were so pleasantly cool. no douchebaggery whatsoever. when someone overheard the triumphant birthday girl, he inquired, saying "I wish we had some birthday candles!" I wish I had gotten his name, because a little later a hot funky monkey was delivered to our table, covered in candles. either the candles were fabricated from twine and fryer grease, or there was a little special treatment involved. perhaps it didn't hurt that that deb is a cutie.

secondly, donuts are the new cupcakes (see: voodoo donuts-portland, and donut plant-nyc). $3.25 might seem a little crazy for a standard-issue blob of fried dough, but these are some crazy donuts. these are all-four-food-groups, foundation-for-full-meal, hope-this-plastic-fork-holds-up donuts. I'd like to meet the guy capable of sitting down with an entire dozen.

consider the porkey's: on a base of cake donut, cream cheese (dairy), jalapeno jelly (veg) and canadian bacon (protein). ::grin:: okay, so they're a stoner's dream. but aside from my personal greasy-food/heartburn baggage, they were really good, if fairly rich. the mother clucker is very similar to chicken and waffles, if waffles were, you know, fried. a classic flavor combo. the fork part is key to the experience, as they are fairly substantial meals, at that. of the friends who started with a savory combo before the birthday dessert arrived, none could enjoy more than a few bites of the delicious dessert donut. one friend who began with the blackout, had trouble finishing his own, before digging into a few bites of the banana b-day "cake."

{the mother clucker}


{funky monkey}

{black out}

they're beautiful in a special, utilitarian way (like an aardvark or an armadillo). it's all out there, with not much obscured but the freshly fried cake donut. please don't expect an amuse bouche before service, nor a michelin star. but if you're up for a little gustatory adventure, and supportive of the campaign to keep austin as cool at portland, this is the place to go.



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If anyone was to have a donut wedding cake. IT WOULD BE ME. Might even rethink renewing wedding vows to get one, albeit only to get a scandalous divorce covered by Extra nightly (if with only 3 kids instead of 8). On second thought...