Tuesday, October 20

weekend piccys ~ california wedding edition

{early rising for a trip to the barn ~ no photoshopping required}

{in the still-dewy morning}

{I wasn't the only one surprised to see me there so early ~ java}

{feeding snowman ~ morning chores for us}

{but playtime for somebody}


{leash required for harry}

{then across mare island to the wedding}

{in perfect wedding weather}

{thoughtful details ~ card stands = corks}

{a vineyard-side ceremony ~ arista winery made a gorgeous setting}

{where it was still a little muddy}

{a nervous groom}

{a beautiful setting}

{and such a gorgeous, ecstatic bride ~ congratulations from 'that texan'}

{see? ~ post-ceremony, and her perfect shoes seem never to have touched the soggy ground}

{a dateless duo, 'that texan' enjoys b's dinner}

{then whitegirl dancing 'till the wee hours...}

{...or ten o'clock, when the last shuttle headed back to the hotel}

{break in the weather now passed, the foggy damp returns for a morning stroll through the vineyard}

{any guesses on what kind of wine this will be when it grows up?}

{hopefully it's a variety that likes rain}

{then back across the wetlands toward home}


1 comment:

double tonic said...

these, by the way, were beautiful ... i saw the on my iphone when first posted, but i am so glad i have come back to take a fresh, monitor-sized look.

i don't even have a favorite; they're all spectacular.