Monday, October 5

weekend piccys

{it's sort of a strange time around here ~ something between fall}

{and spring}

{it makes me strangely happy}

{prettier than it's been in a long time}

{and easier to be out in it, too}

{or home, with the windows open, if that's your thing}

{especially if this is your view ~ grand vista only borrowed for an evening, but the fog sure *felt* like home}

{taking care of business, since fall is not *all* fun and games}

{case in point ~ last half of weekend spent fighting off crud. ginger tea and a giant stack of magazines from the queen of clean}

{but I just can't get over how green everything is again}


1 comment:

the sin fairy said...

ah, yes, fall. It's here in the great state of MI. Leaves are changing into spectacular bursts of fiery reds, oranges, and yellows. It's really quite something. It is also supposed to snow this weekend. BOO!