Monday, October 12

weekend piccys

last week was one of near-catastrophes. near misses, like this one, in the parking lot at work.

{bad i-photo of 20 ft branch circulating around work. it must've been a windsday. what the pic doesn't show is a second branch ~ almost as big ~ the first one hit and brought down with it. it landed on the fence (in green), in front of the lucky silver car}

{among the other fun: nearly-failed mailers, and an almost expulsion. no piccys available, so here's a schoolhouse lily, blooming with the advent of fall}

{a getaway is just what I needed. into the cottony east}

{where we were pilgrims in a strange land. but yea, though we walked through the valley, it was alright ~ we knew people}

{people who know people. or at least sit near some of them}

{I suppose you could say they're in high places ~ is that houston out there?}

{stopping off on the way home, for the local specialty and a birthday prezzie}

{then the rest of the night at the emergency vet ~ that dog, not a fan, hides in a corner}

{so the name of the game sunday was "decompression"}

{watching the hoverflies work on the meyer tree}

{a good role model}


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