Friday, October 16

weekend wedding

this week has been filled with wedding-talk, between deb's fun march plans and elise & matty's destination event in may (for which we've secured an awesome weekend flat at a pretty great rate). now we just need tickets...euros...wooden shoes...

but for the I'll go, home to nor-cal, to see my gorgeous cousin marry her terrific (and tall) guy! the party takes place tomorrow at arista winery, outside santa rosa. there is no doubt in my mind it will be a beautiful event, with jen's exquisite taste and experience in the hospitality industry. the winery itself looks idyllic, yes?

{photo: arista winery}

I don't yet know whether there will be time for visiting bodega bay (of hitchcock fame) in a rented '54 aston martin db2/4 drophead coupe. ::grin:: maybe we'll just settle for a few winery tastings and some well-appreciated time with family. sans beloved neck-monkeys, this trip. my bro and p3 have visions of uninterrupted sleep.

though the weekend has not panned out exactly as planned -- and it pretty well suck-diddley-ucks that b's colleagues' all conspired to catch h1n1 together (to throw a wild swineflu party, no doubt) -- the weather promises to be perfect in santa rosa. small blessings where strapless dresses are involved.

I'll take tons of photos in cali, for idea-sharing and such. there can be no promises made of cake surviving the trip back.


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double tonic said...

so, how was it? i cannot WAIT to see what your lens can do with some time in Napa. and i want to see pics of you in that awesome black dress!