Saturday, November 7

debbie downer

you know the kind of week where things teeter on the edge of disaster? perhaps the dark cloud is not directly overhead, but nearly so, affecting colleagues, family and friends? and how even though most weeks of the year a half-continent seems like no big thing, during that kind of week it can tend to feel like suddenly texas is perhaps a desert island? so mostly this week has been dedicated to fretting and fear, hoping for a break in the encroaching storm, and not much else besides the required 9-to-5 type obligations (plus rehearsal). it's been distracting to say the least.

so I haven't been writing much, nor posting things half-written. neither has the kitchen been used, pretty much at all.

last night I stopped at the market, selfishly, for a bunch of pick-me-up flowers (plus a bag of marshmallows -- more on that later -- and a housewarming bottle for a lovely friend), but I met a friendly cheese rep who changed my mind. visiting from norcal, he was here promoting his wares (you may have heard of them). while chatting about the development process for their truffle tremor aged chevre, and talking about his plans for this visit, the dark cloud receded just a little. so I brought home a little of that sunshine, in the form of an impulse buy. I have flowers in the garden again, anyway.

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