Thursday, November 12

je t'aime ... moi non plus

photo: cinema france

this could be interesting ... hrmm ... or not. why would they leave out all the juicy, scandalous stuff from the 80's? he-llooooo! lemon incest!

from cinema france (please forgive my butchered translation):
the author of the rabbi's cat will thus put on film a biopic in actual shots (idiom, anybody??) devoted to the man with the cabbage head. joann sfar presents it like a fable recalling the life of the composer-songwriter from the second world war to the eighties. halfway between pure and imaginary biography, some supernatural creatures should be part… the same special effects team as pan's labyrinth will have the job of giving them life.

in addition, olivier daviaud was selected to compose the original soundtrack. he collaborated in the last albums of dionysos, bénabar, sanseverino, olivia ruiz or abd al malik. eric elmosnino will interpret serge gainsbourg in his first big role, having previously been confined to supporting roles, while the musician, gonzales will lend his hands for the musical portions...

imaginary biography? pan's labyrinth??

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