Tuesday, December 29

nyc bound

on a whim, it seems I'm headed back to new york for 48 hours, to see a few shows with the broadway-obsessed portion of the family. the weather looks to be unfortunately, ridiculously, cold. I may be forced to wear every article of clothing I own ("checked baggage costs how much now?"), but I'm determined to get some use out of the prezzie santa brought last week, for our low-tech christmas.

{holga love}

wish me luck in finding time to venture out of the immediate times square area. the theater fixation often results in a staggering number of shows per visit — 7 in 4 days, once — eating nothing but giant pretzels for stamina, and well, that's just unbalanced.

{getting in the mood ~ h&h bagel, smoked-salmon schmear and a celray}

that, and I'm fairly certain that particular 10-block area encapsulates everything that is wrong with our nation. you got your good morning america mob, rising at 4-am (eastern!!!) for 5 seconds of background airtime and a hand-lettered sign, your fraud-a and faux-lex vendors selling from black trashbags (who may or may not be supporting the terrorists), your world's largest applebees (no really, that's the official name), your red m&m guy dressed as the naked cowboy (who sued and has retired to boca, I'm told), and almost nothing New on broadway – nearly all plots are derived from abba songs or adam sandler films. or shrek's flatuence. it will be fun, surely, seeing a show or two with the sister who attends a performing arts boarding school (though we v-chat often, there's rarely enough real time together). but generally, the experience is totally coocooforcocoapuffs (b will sagely sit it out), and may require sneaking out for a few early-morning walks in the muffled, snowy park.

you know ... for photos! ... riiight! quiet—err— scenic photos.


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