Wednesday, November 17

150 days ...

... and counting. before d-day, err, w-day (heh.).

I haven't been very good about posting lately. we've been quite good about eating at home, but we've been cooking a lot of old favorites and standbys. we've also been working a lot of late hours. I love election season, but dang y'all. it's tiring.

the good news is we've got most of the important event stuff nailed down: caterer. venue. hotel. a super awesome (non-traditional) dessert. the beginnings of a registry. an inkling of the dress is beginning to materialize, and will hopefully be more real after a much-needed visit home. one by one we're checking off the details. which feels good. really good. and the best part is, it looks we might manage to pull it all together on-budget.

... which means I'm also spending a little time haunting thrift stores and polishing ebay silver (buying a lot saved us 47 cents *per utensil* ... sounds totally loco, but it adds up).

and it's good for me in a zen, water-carrying, wax-on-wax-off sort of sense.

psst ... incidentally, did you know plain old white toothpaste is a pretty terrific silver polish?

I'll try to get back to posting recipes soon.


Sunday, October 31

happy halloween, y'all

stop by for some candy — we have plenty left over (foot traffic in our neighborhood varies wildly from year to year). tomorrow night we'll toast pumpkin seeds, and fall will have officially begun.

but seriously. feel free to drop by for candy.

... or send your address, and I'll box up some banana laffytaffy for you.

Friday, October 15

the waiting is the hardest part

many event arrangements, work and wedding-related, have been set in motion and released from my control. preferred bbq guy contacted for an estimate. savethedate design ordered and paper purchased. vintage dress pattern(s) researched and bought.

at least on the personal front it's mostly ephemera at this point. we have much of the hard details — at least the date and venue — figured out. but among other things, a vintage dress pattern is held up somewhere in canadian customs, and I can't help but feel like 9/11 shouldn't have changed everything. minor event-related anxiety, sure, but it would be one more thing checked off the list, with only six months left to the d-i-y style affair.

for now, all I can do is twiddle my thumbs and notice my first gray hair (seriously people. shoulder-length. how did it escape view *that* long?).

and dodge enormous black walnuts falling in the backyard.

... speaking of enormous, we've recently discovered gargantuan ladybugs invading the garden. maybe they're eating the mutant walnuts.

second cousin to mothra


Tuesday, October 12

weekend piccys - indy

these pics are so, so late. but so was my belated visit to one of my oldest friends, now settled in indy. a few years ago, one of the first trips b & I took together was up to see her marry a man whose young niece and nephew named him "uncle fun." there's really no better way to put it — he's just a wonderful, genuine person and a fun guy to be around. he's a perfect match for one of the kindest, funniest friends I've ever known.

the two of them have since started down the road to building a family, with their first little girl. and so, belatedly (still before her first birthday!) I headed north for a long weekend, to see the adorable little creature for myself.

a new airport made the hardest part quite a bit easier.

as did the warm kitty who made himself right at home on my lap on a rainy fall day.

colors were just beginning to turn

but other evidence of the season was everywhere ~ broad ripple farmers market

though the sense was summer wasn't going without a fight.

when the weather flipped back to "gorgeous" mode, we did get out and about

the dolphin tank at the indy zoo brings people right into their realm (quiet between shows) ~ at one point, casey's mom looked back at the two of walking silently together and wondered aloud what trouble we were into (we evidently had the same mischievous look about us as we routinely had in high school).

but that was not half as amazing as the time spent with little anya ~ "no mushrooms, please"

yep. change is good.

especially when experienced with someone new (yes, I may have managed to teach her a little longhorn spirit in a few short days. heh.).


Sunday, October 3

weekend piccys — back in the saddle

well, alrighty! so it seems blogger may be accepting photos again, in which case I'm back to work. I mean ... "work." ::wink:: not that keeping up with blogging is the hardest thing on the planet, it's just that sometimes living life is as important as documenting it, and that's the spot I've been occupying.

I've ... err ... we've also been planning a non-wedding wedding! which has meant a ton of running around, searching (and searching and searching) for the right venue. this one was not it.

neither was this venue — it would have been much too large. for a wedding, that is.

it was just perfect for the pixies show we caught (which, incidentally, was awesome). for an old gang of punks, they still brought it, and on a schoolnight no less.

a housewarming package finally made it into the mail.

and, though our favored team sucked the proverbial big one, tacodeli brightened the day.

as did some girltime with a few of my sassiest friends (especially little lulu), on a gorgeous afternoon.

a few almond joy cookies later, it was a fine weekend.

I don't really know what this fine specimen is, but he hung out on our porch all weekend.

he must have come in on the first fall coldfront — which means it's about time for collecting pecans.

— which also means I need to get as much wear as possible out of my favorite sandals before it's too late. ::grin::


Tuesday, September 28

some days

are just crazier than others. what are the odds on the day we're sequestered — misinformation flying around facebook, twitter, cnn — that a random font site, populating its fonts with random headlines, would pull copy from so close to home?

and I don't mean the bears/packers story.

my heart goes out to the family and friends of the student who so needed attention that he walked (grinning) onto campus with a kalashnikov and a ski mask. he clearly did not intend to take anyone with him, or he would have used any of the many opportunities he had. he did, however, feel the need to plunge fifty-five thousand people into the chaos he embraced.

hug your families tonight, please.


Sunday, September 5

what I did with my summer vacation

it's been too long since I've checked in here, but from the first day of june to the last day of august, this summer was one fantastic blur of events. that, and I've been hating my publishing platform quite a bit (mucho frustration). it would take far too long to go week by week (and would be entirely outside of my character to expend the energy), so here's the abridged version, in photos:

b & I enjoyed a sisterly visit, from someone we see far too little of (she studies at a small academy situated — like a monastery — atop a mountain).

then one sister traded places with another (who is more accustomed to the crazy heat), and the fun continued on for another few weeks.

but let me tell you folks, it was hot.

... so we continued on in a more nocturnal fashion

chewing our way across town by the light of the moontower

not *exactly* following in anthony bourdain's footsteps — after all, they were our favorite spots first!

(who wouldn't love a place like

... or this? (salted caramel and blackberry macarons, courtesy of la boƮte cafe)

... or this? (phenomenal birthday/celebratory* dinner at uchiko)

don't worry though, we found some educational activities, too. we visited austin's city limits for a little birdwatching.

... and ate some healthy stuff, too.

(because god probably doesn't want enchiladas all the time)

full disclosure: we did have our fair share of the city's best snowcones (post-swim snowcones pictured above came in raspberry + cream and wedding cake* flavors).

oh – and I almost forgot! I have a new vantage point at work, from my new digs ...

... complete with some new (to me) classics to spend my days amongst (if not for the giant sign reminding that 'university surplus is not for personal use,' my whole house would probably be outfitted in eames era "upcycle-chic").

then we had another distinguished house guest, best friend to that dog (we suspect there may have been a little romance in the air). but alas, she's gone to cooler climes, and that dog pined for days. which is something like months and months and months in dog years (we all moped for days after that sweet pup's parents relocated to kansas).

and speaking of honored guests — I shared an unforgettable afternoon with office mates, over words by the most distinguished speaker that comes to mind (rhymes with resident snow-mama).

I took a quick trip home (for celebrating multiple* fun things)

which meant a little long-awaited summer reading time and some truly exceptional meals with fambly (especially the chocolate cake for breakfast part).

also on the summer agenda: an attempt at the art of toaster oven cookery. for approximately 2.5 months here, it's just too damned hot to cook. we ate out far too often, and I'm sincerely thankful for a break in the heat that should jump-start fall menu planning. and hopefully give us a few more tomatoes, too.

overall, the summer was a brilliant success.

I spent nearly no time at all on number 49-across.

indeed, the summer was truly wonderful, and I can't imagine how it could have been any better.

* (okay — so have you guessed yet? in just 7 short months (ack!) b & I will be getting hitched!)

(more details to follow)