Wednesday, January 27

weekend piccys

{la zona rosa}

{setting-up for sound-check}

{if your instrument is as portable as mine, that's time for amusing yourself}

{lighting guy improvising}

{so everyone can see what the lead-g is up to}

{the weekend was amplified}

{and contemplative}

{before we headed back south for resonant color and flavors ~ after lunch, we picked up a little dry ice and some paletas, made from just pureed fruit and cane sugar}


{and yes, it's actually warm enough for palm trees, (a sort of) parrots, and popsicles in january}

{so many choices}

{and so friendly}

{if you can't go to them ...}

{... they'll even come to you}


Sunday, January 24

reliability is overrated

since this venture has never been a funded assignment, but was begun as an enriching experience for my own darned edification, there's no one to whom an apology is owed. but somehow 8 yet-to-be-finished posts sitting on my blogger desktop continue glaring at me like the evil eye. sometimes inspiration dries up for a while. and until the guilt is released, it's really difficult to do much beyond hitting the publish button on those crap bare-bones recipe posts. I think this is how things will go down: I'll publish some backdated stuff, without pretending I was really keeping up with my own ambitious schedule. and then from here on, I'll post things as time permits ... organically. because [asking self] this blogging thing should be fun, right?

and to remind myself, a hipster haiku – discovered long ago – not sure of its origins. (to whomever it belongs: nice work, even if verbalizing appreciation for it is sort of bougie)

i do not blog daily
such foolish consistency
says “i have no life"


Friday, January 22

banana pudding

by the time I was 5, I'd already become good pals with strep throat. I actually enjoyed the daily regime of bubble gum pink penicillin, and had a favorite alligator-shaped medicine spoon. when I was told five would be the big year that I would be entitled not only to pretty grown-up bedroom furniture and a kitten of my very own, but I'd also be losing my childish tonsils and accessorizing with brand new tubes for my ears ... I was thrilled! what can I say, I was always a little odd.

I recall (not the painful blood-draw itself, but) getting to keep a (clean) syringe for a badass new bath-toy (..."why is the ceiling always wet?"), and I remember the afghan draped over me in the freezing o-r, and the suggestion that the anesthesia mask was perfect for playing elephant. I remember a little bit of puking after waking, but more memorable was the presentation of a stuffed dog I named tonsils (hmmm ... an odd kid, yet somehow unimaginative). and then lots and lots of jell-o and ice cream. I also recall my kindergarten classroom seeming much louder. but mostly, as a kid, I'd always sort of perceived the tonsil-less as an elite club, privileged in a way, and sharing a sort of bond. perhaps we'd just all been sickly kids who had experienced a sudden, measurable increase to our quality of life.

fast-forward to grown-up-hood, where this relatively minor outpatient surgery means something entirely different to an adult. besides the dependency issues facing an otherwise healthy grown-up, suddenly unable to drive for two weeks ... it just plain hurts. it sucks, actually. no — mine haven't grow back. instead, a good friend has been forced to undergo humiliation and discomfort my five-year-old self couldn't have imagined. luckily, one of her favorite things in the world is decidedly cool and squashy, and relatively protein-rich to boot!

banana pudding

1/4 cup cornstarch
1 1/2 cups granulated or turbinado sugar
1/2 cup unbleached all-purpose flour
dash of salt

7 cups low-fat milk
4 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1/4 cup butter, cut into small-ish pieces
2 tsps vanilla extract
2 - 3 ripe bananas, pureed
1 box plain ol' 'nilla wafers ~ couldn't find a dirty-hippie version

combine sugar, flour, cornstarch and salt in a small bowl. in medium saucepan, heat milk to 160°. gradually stir 1/4 of milk into yolks, stir into reserved dry ingredients, and combine with the rest of the hot milk. cook over medium heat, stirring constantly (no really — the easiest way to lumpy pudding is to walk away from the stove for just a second), for 8 minutes or until it coats the spoon. remove from heat; stir in butter, vanilla and pureed bananas, and let cool to room temperature-ish.

arrange 'nilla wafers in a 4-quart bowl or dish. spoon 1/3 pudding mixture over. repeat layers with remaining cookies and pudding, arranging remaining wafers around inside edge of dish. gently push wafers into pudding. chill.

pack into cooler full of ice for surreptitious placement on friend's front stoop, then carefully ring bell and run for it before her groggy ass can get up from the couch.


Wednesday, January 20

weekend piccys ~ b's bday

{the working weekend was at least business casual}

{and allowed a few spare moments for normal erranding ~ the new kids at the farmer's market...}

{...popular for good reason. buttermilk whole-wheat biscuit with fresh local butter and mayhaw jelly}

{and a bonus day for b's birthday-lunch pilgrimage for the best enchiladas in 100 miles}

{unnecessary menu ~ we'll take 2 of the #2, please}

{old skool decor}

{it's the kind of place where the regulars sit shoulder-to-shoulder}

{and you can't leave without a souvenir ~ church mission bakesale and some fresh tortillas}

{though it's january, we're sort of already on the verge of spring...}

{ it was time to nail down some details on a friend's march wedding}

{sorry, sad dog, you won't be attending}

{champagne helps the decision-making process}

{won't it be pretty in the setting evening?}


Tuesday, January 12

weekend piccys - nyc in the blink of an eye

{this weekend I headed to nyc, to see the lights...}

{...and a few shows before they went dark ~ everything about finian's rainbow was terrific except the early close date}

{we slept where the brightest wit was known to haunt}

{where today matilda occupies the dimly lit round table, preferably in a warm lap}

{we headed to the brightest spot in manhattan}

{to rockefeller center — where I secretly hoped to spot tina fey — and the tree...}

{...where sadly, we were just moments too late. um, unless someone said something about needing some 2x4's}

{but not to worry, the view was still quite pretty}

{and one place, at least, had snow}

{and light to spare}

{a little lunch near the village — that's the parisienne at s'mac — and some very lucky thrifting}

{a little more touring — to stay warm — before jumping back on a flight home...}

{...where my own christmas tree needing felling}


Wednesday, January 6

and awaay we go ...

somehow my little work mini-break became a full-blown blogging (posting – not writing) hiatus, but rest assured I accomplished almost *nothing in two weeks' time. now that the calendar has been flipped, and things have returned to ... umm ... my version of normal, it's right back up to full-steam, with a work event and b's birthday next week, and rehearsals beginning again the following.

so tonight I type with wet nailpolish, carry-on already surreptitiously stashed in the car (for the last two days), preparing to awake at the kind of hour that can only indicate to that dog that his mama (see: freaked-out p.t.s.d.-eye cookie – dec 12) is leaving for at least a day or two (under no normal circumstances am I ever likely to be out of bed before 6, nevermind 4:45). this time, he's relatively lucky; it's newbag'o'food day and I'll only be away for 51 hours. 51 frozen hours.

{dad's new gf is a foodie, and has her sight set on donut plant ~ I'll try not to put up a fight}

so, while I'd hoped to get a few posts up before heading out – including some actual film-based holga pics that should have turned out – that will have to wait yet another weekend. I promise they'll be worth it.

* besides cooking, closet cleaning, taking pitchurs, napping with the dog, and reading (some crappy, some excellent)