Wednesday, January 6

and awaay we go ...

somehow my little work mini-break became a full-blown blogging (posting – not writing) hiatus, but rest assured I accomplished almost *nothing in two weeks' time. now that the calendar has been flipped, and things have returned to ... umm ... my version of normal, it's right back up to full-steam, with a work event and b's birthday next week, and rehearsals beginning again the following.

so tonight I type with wet nailpolish, carry-on already surreptitiously stashed in the car (for the last two days), preparing to awake at the kind of hour that can only indicate to that dog that his mama (see: freaked-out p.t.s.d.-eye cookie – dec 12) is leaving for at least a day or two (under no normal circumstances am I ever likely to be out of bed before 6, nevermind 4:45). this time, he's relatively lucky; it's newbag'o'food day and I'll only be away for 51 hours. 51 frozen hours.

{dad's new gf is a foodie, and has her sight set on donut plant ~ I'll try not to put up a fight}

so, while I'd hoped to get a few posts up before heading out – including some actual film-based holga pics that should have turned out – that will have to wait yet another weekend. I promise they'll be worth it.

* besides cooking, closet cleaning, taking pitchurs, napping with the dog, and reading (some crappy, some excellent)

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