Sunday, January 24

reliability is overrated

since this venture has never been a funded assignment, but was begun as an enriching experience for my own darned edification, there's no one to whom an apology is owed. but somehow 8 yet-to-be-finished posts sitting on my blogger desktop continue glaring at me like the evil eye. sometimes inspiration dries up for a while. and until the guilt is released, it's really difficult to do much beyond hitting the publish button on those crap bare-bones recipe posts. I think this is how things will go down: I'll publish some backdated stuff, without pretending I was really keeping up with my own ambitious schedule. and then from here on, I'll post things as time permits ... organically. because [asking self] this blogging thing should be fun, right?

and to remind myself, a hipster haiku – discovered long ago – not sure of its origins. (to whomever it belongs: nice work, even if verbalizing appreciation for it is sort of bougie)

i do not blog daily
such foolish consistency
says “i have no life"


1 comment:

double tonic said...

yep. this should be fun for you. and those of us who are reading wil not go away if you take a break or are 'inconsistent.' we will take what we can get, gladly!