Wednesday, January 20

weekend piccys ~ b's bday

{the working weekend was at least business casual}

{and allowed a few spare moments for normal erranding ~ the new kids at the farmer's market...}

{...popular for good reason. buttermilk whole-wheat biscuit with fresh local butter and mayhaw jelly}

{and a bonus day for b's birthday-lunch pilgrimage for the best enchiladas in 100 miles}

{unnecessary menu ~ we'll take 2 of the #2, please}

{old skool decor}

{it's the kind of place where the regulars sit shoulder-to-shoulder}

{and you can't leave without a souvenir ~ church mission bakesale and some fresh tortillas}

{though it's january, we're sort of already on the verge of spring...}

{ it was time to nail down some details on a friend's march wedding}

{sorry, sad dog, you won't be attending}

{champagne helps the decision-making process}

{won't it be pretty in the setting evening?}


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