Tuesday, January 12

weekend piccys - nyc in the blink of an eye

{this weekend I headed to nyc, to see the lights...}

{...and a few shows before they went dark ~ everything about finian's rainbow was terrific except the early close date}

{we slept where the brightest wit was known to haunt}

{where today matilda occupies the dimly lit round table, preferably in a warm lap}

{we headed to the brightest spot in manhattan}

{to rockefeller center — where I secretly hoped to spot tina fey — and the tree...}

{...where sadly, we were just moments too late. um, unless someone said something about needing some 2x4's}

{but not to worry, the view was still quite pretty}

{and one place, at least, had snow}

{and light to spare}

{a little lunch near the village — that's the parisienne at s'mac — and some very lucky thrifting}

{a little more touring — to stay warm — before jumping back on a flight home...}

{...where my own christmas tree needing felling}


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