Wednesday, January 27

weekend piccys

{la zona rosa}

{setting-up for sound-check}

{if your instrument is as portable as mine, that's time for amusing yourself}

{lighting guy improvising}

{so everyone can see what the lead-g is up to}

{the weekend was amplified}

{and contemplative}

{before we headed back south for resonant color and flavors ~ after lunch, we picked up a little dry ice and some paletas, made from just pureed fruit and cane sugar}


{and yes, it's actually warm enough for palm trees, (a sort of) parrots, and popsicles in january}

{so many choices}

{and so friendly}

{if you can't go to them ...}

{... they'll even come to you}



Christina said...

mmm... you have an outstanding eye. incredible photos.

the sin fairy said...

want agua fresca. boo. will just have to scoop stupid snow from my front yard and put cherry flavoring on it.