Tuesday, February 23

snowbody said it was easy

in my whole time in this town — holycow, almost 14 years — it's snowed just a few times. mostly big nighttime flakes, gone by first light. today we finally got the substantial kind of snow people around here will remember their entire lives: two whole inches! ::ducks:: okay, okay ... sorry! It's nothing like what denver or lansing has accumulated this year ... but it's notable down here, where the average annual temp is probably somewhere around 73 degrees.


it started with sleet in the early morning (that dog required an umbrella'd escort outside to get his morning business done), tick ticking on the windows. but just as I arrived at a meeting, the glassy beads of ice turned to huge snow amoebas.


that sound is snow. this was no light, sound-dampening snow, but the slushy kind that soaks you from head to toe. but pretty, anyhow.

{dusted miller}

{needs salt}

{about the best we can do in these parts}

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