Thursday, February 11

thrift thursday ~ stir it up

in what seemed like a brilliant stroke of luck, I finally spotted a vintage stand mixer (or 4) at my neighborhood op-shop. it's a well-kept secret that many goodwill shops save the best stuff tucked in a corner for saturday auctions. it's all official and such, with a caller shouting "going once — going twice," and convenient silent bidding during the week. but to ensure a "win," it's important to show up on saturday afternoon. that, and it's an economical way to get your adrenaline pumping. ::grin::

so after stalking the bid book all week, checking back once or twice to see about competing interest, I made my way over to the auction. my eye was on on the kitchenaid (item number 55), but the $14 vintage sunbeam was a backup plan (item number 54), with no paper bidders. somehow, I won both quite easily (again ... always go to the auction) and collected my very heavy, very redundant winnings for $60.63 total. with tax.

um, yeah. except that I think I've discovered the reason for the generous donation: someone out there is mixing concrete in his or her stand mixers. although each electric item is tested prior to reaching the sales floor, their testers have clearly never smelled a dying motor. in fact, on lower speeds, the kitchenaid sounds a bit like the gears are slipping. not good.

so now we're talking:
one mixer - $40
plus bowl - $30
plus whisk- $15
plus repair- $???
equals not such a great deal after all. ::sigh::
time to see if they'll take back bad merch.

and yet ... how can I stay terribly upset in the face of disappointment, with this view from my office, in the gray and dismal weather?

I tiptoed over – past the barbed-wire – mission-impossible-style to get a gander ( ... ooor the gate was open and the research staff quite friendly).

some sort of experimental, man-eating superplant, no doubt.


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the sin fairy said...

Wow! I love these pics; the greenhouse does seem kinda creepy.