Monday, February 8

weekend piccys

{gathering inspiration into little piles ~ planning a shower,
just a few weeks away ...}

{... try and guess the theme!}

{a favorite vendor has returned to the farmer's market, under their own marquis}

{their onion and bleu cheese quiche makes my knees a little weak}

{so we fortified ourselves with lots of belgian at the market's annual beer sale}

{a walk in the beautiful weather reminds us baseball season begins soon ~ field practice}

{and spring will bee returning any day now}

{looks like it will be a terrific year for spring blooms}

{a sunny souvenir for the inevitable shift back to wintry weather ~ texas weather is totally schizo, we're due for sleet and/or snow this week}

just warming up for the superbowl, the usual brunch bunch demolished an unbelievable amount of szechuan food ...}

{... at our favorite, very authentic, spot ~ absolutely no sweet and sour chicken here}

{a little pre-game homework ~ did you guess right?}

{I wish you all could come ~ it's coming together to be so lovely and (hopefully) fun}


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