Thursday, March 18

our favorite hipster ...

... of sxsw.

among all the ridiculous hipsters – from the artfully disheveled, the retro-mohawk'd and tattoo bedecked, to the spandex-clad wannabe models standing on line for hours in 6 inch heels – this gentleman and his dancing-companion were our favorites. we replicated his dance the rest of the weekend (and weeks later), with the addition of a dapper fingermustache (no tattoo necessary). breaking from b, a little, it must be said that I fully endorse the trend toward public dancing, after a decade (or two) of steadfast indie head-bobbing (hula-hooping in the dance area ... notasmuch).


music by the generationals, btw, could get almost anyone moving to their poppy hipster dance anthems. and um, yeah. they're not normally so bass-heavy. that's a combination of really terrific sound at club de ville, and really terrible production value (iphone video) on my part.


admittedly, a bit silly ... but don't they look like they're having more fun than these guys?


southby is like disneyland for musically inclined grownups, except instead of throwing hands in the air at the most exciting part of the roller coaster, folks just stand in place, arms crossed and head nodding.


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