Monday, March 29

weekend piccys ~ extended spring break edition

well, I've fallen behind again, so this may be an extended version of an already photo-heavy post. I took an extra-long spring break — only partly by design — to observe the local holiday called southby, and to visit family in colorado.

... only, we hadn't accounted for the noro virus ::scary music::, which swept through the house like wildfire. p3 was the only one who avoided "the vomits," and she was working some sort of mystical juju to keep her cool. it was amazing. and now I'm about as sick as a person can be ... of chicken-and-rice.

however, aside from the sick, there was much fun had, and it was wonderful getting a little extra time with the munchkins.

{we played with cascarones}

{~egg shells filled with confetti~}

{because who doesn't love confetti?}

{it may not actually have been a white-out, but it snowed as much as I've ever seen}

{so the kiddos did the only natural thing: they went swimming!}

{... and we looked at all the pretty snow}

{we played with trains ...}

{... and looked at all the pretty snow}

{we stomped around knee-deep in it ...}

{... and looked at all the pretty snow}

{pretty, no?}

{and we perused lots of old albums ...}

{... playing "where's juvenile daddy?"}

{there he is! ~ and I kinda' wish I still had that radass jumper}

{we just lay low until it was safe to venture out to the airport}

{and return home, to sunshine and ladybug season}

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