Wednesday, March 3

weekend piccys ~ showered with love

"who are you and what have you done with my not-so-girly, kindofironic girlfriend?"

okay, so maybe b didn't actually say it. but that was the look coming from the other end of the couch, while crafting little pink flags for little white paper straws ... to go in dainty pink passionfruit sodas. what was the cause of this 180 from my normal m.o.?

deb's bridal shower. well, okay. more than that, it was the realization that my not-so-girly, survived-a-year-on-a-fifteen-man-americorps-van, elite athlete friend was indeed struck by the girly-girl lightning bolt. she is a bridey bride. not a bridezilla. there's not an iota of negative energy about this woman. she has, however, picked out the most glamorous strapless satin gown she could get her hands on, got herself a hawt little birdcage veil, and absolutely refuses to wear flats, though the terrain at her venue is ... well, let's just say it's not paved with glass-smooth marble.

the other half of the story has to do with em's dissertation and ... um ... jazz? em is in full-on student mode, and there's just not much time for considering martha stewart among the stacks and stacks of institutionally bound reading material. lucky thing her casa looks like she'd been planning this particular party for decades!

enter one slightly ironic, not-terribly-frilly gal (when I'm old, I hope to be the ousier boudreaux of the group), with an ardent love for thematic variation. give me a topic to riff on, and only a hand clapped over my mouth will shut me up. especially where parties are concerned. go ahead — ask my mom for pics of the pocahontas party thrown for that texan's 5th birthday it was totally off the hook. we might have gone a liiittle bit crazy for deb's sake, but it was so much fun embracing whimsy and creating a ridiculous, frothy affair for our favorite bridey bride. just don't expect it to stick or anything.

in all honesty, the day was not completely devoid of irony: our friend serge was a recurring fixture on the day's randomly selected, french-picnic-themed playlist. no less than 4 times, someone had to make their way to the docking station and casually forward to the next song.

{em knows how to get things started ~ a kir pétillant toast}

{and a taste of some treats ~ white chocolate bark with an *entire* tub of freeze-dried strawberries, pulverized in the prep chopper}

{aaaand a blackberry buttercream macaron ~ samples from the sweet, perfectionist owner of boîte}

{we got a great deal on the flowers just by expressing appreciation for the oldskool honky tonk radio program playing in the shop}

{prizes for quiz winners}

{the party decor fit right into em's beautiful everyday decorating scheme}

{just add paper poufs and flowers to her perfectly pressed linens}

{a few tulips}

{and some treats ~ strawberry cakes and macarons flavored with st. germain (white filling) and salted caramel (beige)}

{always the gracious host ~ em pours as the gals arrive}

{... non-alcoholic options for the preggers}

{such beautiful food ~ provided by karen provost of wimberley lavender farm}

{just gorgeous}

{her quiches are kind of spectacular}

{and didn't I warn you em could write a book on decorating?}

{the lovely and generous doubletonic assisted with dessert}

{and it's a good thing, because I was totally preoccupied with silly tasks}

{only the best of wishes}

{... see?}

{pom poms are so easy to make, it'd be foolish to pay $19.99 for the martha stewart kit}

{but I'm no hater, since her paper punches are so cute ~ favors to make proust proud}

{added perk ~ we got to keep the flowers around following the festivities}

{gorgeous in the morning kitchen window}


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the sin fairy said...

Wow! So incredible! Beautiful, elegant, girly. This is no guilty pleasure sister; this is a career alternative! I'm impressed, even if I already knew your virtuosic level of style.