Monday, March 8

weekend piccys ~ sickie

{not the worst weekend for being sick ~ felled by a stomach bug}

{dreary weather made it easier to stay on the couch ~ wild onions}

{I rode along ~ since not everyone was fine with an empty tummy}

{the best bbq within city limits could easily be transported outside the city ~ franklin bbq is a wonderful addition to the mobile food scene}

{not that we'd want them to go anyplace}

{aaron franklin knows his business}

{grab a plate and some fixins ...}

{... and pull up a chair near the woodpile}

{but we're not his only fans ~ get there for lunch, or not at all. shop closes when they run out of bbq for the day}

{pleeeaaaase? ~ where could t.kitten have learned that behavior?}

{oh. right.}

{they prefer the team method}

{doubly effective?}

{"people love us" ~ I'll say! and pets, too!}


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